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About Kerala
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Kerala, it is said, was reclaimed from the seas by  Parasurama, the 6th incarnation of Lord Vishnu, by throwing his battle axe across the length of what is now the land of the "green magic", "God’s own country" and  the "green symphony". The sheer beauty of this place   is indeed  worth a closer look ! From the sun kissed beaches on the Arabian Sea to the heights of the Western ghats, or the awe-inspiring temples or the fascinating forests and abundant wildlife, the friendly people, or their excellent culinary feats, the languorous trip down the backwaters, or the invigorating Ayurvedic massages…Kerala has much to offer the tourist. The State stretches along a narrow corridor from Kovalam in the South to Kasargod in the North. So, come discover Kerala, and find out about what makes this place one of the most favoured destinations of  travellers all across the globe.

About Kerala
The Place: Stretches from the sea to the hills of Western Ghats on the Eastern boundary of the state. Good monsoon rains during June to September.

People: Highly educated and literate population. Mainly rural and agrarian economy.
Religions: The Hindus form the majority (more than 50%), followed by the Muslims (25%) and Christians of many denominations (Syrian Christians and Latin Catholics), form around 23% of the population.

Politics: Kerala is politically highly evolved. The two political fronts - the leftist Communist-led LDF and the right of centre, the Congress led United Democratic Front are the main political entities that have ruled Kerala. This two-party system has ensured some degree of political stability to this state.

When To Visit: The proximity to the equator means Kerala’s climate is hot and being a coastal state ensures a humid climate as well. But the breeze from the  Lakshadweep sea ensures that the temperatures are kept to a manageable low 30’s throughout the year. The months of November  to March are most agreeable and for this reason is the accepted " tourist season". The monsoon months beginning June breaks the season of heat and humidity - the Southwest monsoons from June to September and followed shortly thereafter by the North East Monsoon till end November. But there are takers for this "monsoon" season also – a recent phenomenon- not easy but certainly rewarding !
Art &  Culture: Highly evolved art forms, centred around the temples evolved here. Dance forms like Kathakali, mohiniattam, kalaripayattu etc.. are exclusive to this state. The temples have remained central to people's lives and temple festivals are a riot of colours, sounds and  various art forms.
Ayurveda: Kerala's Ayurveda has evolved differently from their versions further North, especially the rejuvenation therapies which are famed the world over.  Though the theory of Ayurveda remains same, Kerala has experimented successfully in the different modes of treatments, and  different from those in other parts of the country. These treatments are used extensively in the treatment of severe chronic diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, paralysis, facial palsy, motor neuron disease, spondilitis, acute infective poly neurosis, various spinal problems and gastric disorders.

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