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Q What is a Homestay ?

Homestay is where you stay with the family, as a member of the household.

Q Who are my hosts?

Most often they are families who stay at the house, but they can be caretakers or other employees. But they all are small family owned places or guest houses.

Q Are all these listings homestays?
No, some are guest houses, eco lodges, camps and very special places different from the normal places that one stays on a holiday.

Q What kind of food is served at these places?
Food is by and large ethnic food. Most of the vegetables and fruits come from the small gardens surrounding these lodgings, ensuring healthy noursishing food.

Q What about the bath and toilets?
All places have en suite Western style toilets. The bath has running hot water and showers.

Q What about Laundry?
You can get your clothes washed and pressed at all these places if you are staying on for more than a day.

Q Do I get to use the internet?
Most places except remote areas, particularly Forest and Wilderness accommodation, do have telephones and internet connection, but still 'dial up' & slow.

Q What about TV's and DVD etc..?

TV's and DVD etc.. are not ususally available at many of these places.

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Homestays Kerala
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Kochi - 682036, Kerala-India

Tel: +91-484-4012700, 4012277
E-Mail: info@homestayskerala.com

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